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Jonas Valanciunas True Height 6″11′?

Many people including David Aldridge thinks that Jonas Valanciunas height is 7″2 or at least 7 feet. However judging from recently taken screenshot of VTB United League final 4 event in Vilnius (2012 May 3) Jonas was standing next to 7 footer George Zidek and 212cm (6’11.5″) Darjus Lavrinovic looking visibly smaller than both of […]

Jeremy Evans Wingspan

NBA 2012 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest Champion  Jeremy Evans is 6’9″ with unconfirmed wingspan of 7’6″. That’s 9 inches longer than his height. Normal people have wingspan about the same as their height. In proportion to his height Jeremy Evans wingspan has a ratio of 1,11 Not every 7 foot center in NBA has such […]

Andrew Bynum Hand Size

Andrew Bynum like most basketball players have long  arms and large hand sizes. This helps them to block shots and control ball more easily.

How many points justin bieber scored in all star celebrity game?

In his misserable all star appearance Justin Bieber scored 8 points (3 treys and 1 two pointer), turned over 4 times, got luck with 4 assists and 2 rebounds and for this performance he was nominated the MVP. even blocked comments on his video highlights maybe because they were all negative (notice in the […]

Strange Shadow On Basketball Court

While Carmelo Anthony is attacking the rim, strange shadow behind him is watching. The shape of this shadow is odd.

Kevin Durant Real Height 6″11?

Looking at this picture can you say that Kevin Durant’s real height is only 6″9? Marc Gasol is a legit 7″1 so it should be 4 inches difference between the two (thus giving Durant a 6″11′ ). However from this picture it is clear that Kevin Durant is at most 2 inches smaller. Without heads […]

Rajon Rondo Hand Size

Rajon Rondo has some big hands. Even NBA commentators joked that Rajon Rondo needs hand reduction surgery to be able to shoot free throws more accurately. Look yourself at Rajon Rondo’s hands. From this angle it looks like his little finger ir longer than his index finger, that’s really unusual. But it can be just […]

Kevin Durant’s Wingspan

A basketball player who has large wingspan can play taller than his height. Generally european basketball players have shorter wingspans than afro american players. Various sources (Wikipedia and others) quote that Kevin Durant wingspan is 7’5. Having in mind that average people have the wingspan the same as their height puts Durant in the next […]

Sorry, Michael Jordan Is More Popular Than Kobe Bryant

I often see hot debates in forums or chat rooms who is the best basketball player. Young generation who haven’t seen Jordan playing is always sticking to today’s superstars like Kobe, Lebron or Garnett. Although favorite players can be  a matter of personal preference but statistics never lie. Let’s see who is the first result […]

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