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Bienvenue Letuni (7-4) next Manute Bol?

Posted on | December 30, 2009 | Comments Off on Bienvenue Letuni (7-4) next Manute Bol?

Spain found new basketball extreme, Bienvenue Letuni a 15-year-old giant from Democratic Republic of Congo. Bienvenue Letuni already stands at 2.24m (7 ft 4) and is expected to grow even more if his gigantism wouldn’t be treated. He performed some tests for ACB’s Joventut and Baskonia teams and soon will accept offer to train at one or another. Bienvenue Letuni seems to have coordination problems and very weak overall body. If he wants to become a great basketball player he would have to train really hard because now he barely can jump. On the other hand, who needs the vertical jump when you can grab the rim while standing.

Next Manute Bol or another no name in the world of basketball? Bienvenue Letuni will show his real potencial some few years later.

Bienvenue Letuni

Bienvenue Letuni grabbing rim


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