I planned to write a review for this Nike Pure Grip basketball shortly after I bought it from the store, but it happened that time passed by and I write it after more than 6 months of use. So in the picture you see how the ball looks like used.

At first my impression was not that good for basketball named “Pure Grip” because first time playing it outside it didn’t feel very grippy at all. But after the dust settled in it started to get some grip. You can palm this ball even if you don’t have big hands like Shaq because it has really deep seams. After playing some time you get sweaty hands and that adds grip as well.

It is also quite soft ball even if you inflate it tight, not everyone liked it at the court but I like softer basketballs because they tend to be absorbed by the rim more easily.

In winter I took it to play inside and if there is several balls to choose almost everyone tries it for dunking, so it is much grippier than Molten or other balls.

I play almost everyday so you can’t expect it to last forever. After 3 or so months it starts to wear a bit and loose its texture and color. After all its still a decent ball for dunking or shooting some treys.

If you look for a ball to play pick up games outside or practice dunking, Pure Grip is a proper ball to buy.

Bellow are some more pics of how the Pure Grip ball looks used.

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