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Kevin Durant Real Height 6″11?

Posted on | September 20, 2010 | Comments Off on Kevin Durant Real Height 6″11?


kevin-durant-real-height 6-11?

Looking at this picture can you say that Kevin Durant’s real height is only 6″9? Marc Gasol is a legit 7″1 so it should be 4 inches difference between the two (thus giving Durant a 6″11′ ). However from this picture it is clear that Kevin Durant is at most 2 inches smaller. Without heads those two players would be pretty much equal because Gasol has really large head which adds height. Having in mind that Durant has enormous length hands he is a walking 7″1 small forward. He will be a mismatch 99% of his career for other players. NBA should really have to update his height in official page because Durantulla grew taller.


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