Many people including David Aldridge thinks that Jonas Valanciunas height is 7″2 or at least 7 feet. However judging from recently taken screenshot of VTB United League final 4 event in Vilnius (2012 May 3) Jonas was standing next to 7 footer George Zidek and 212cm (6’11.5″) Darjus Lavrinovic looking visibly smaller than both of them. Next to Lavrinovic from the left was standing Andrei Kirilenko, who is 6′ 9″ and looks about even to Valanciunas. Unless Jonas manage to grow taller during this summer he will be referred as 7 footer but really would be undersized like Dwight Howard against real 7 footers like Bynum or Gasol. Athleticism and huge wingspan will surely come in handy for Jonas in NBA, he himself referred as having 229 cm (7’6″) wingspan but draft measurements showed “only” 7’4″


New photo from Fiba 2014 World Cup. We can see that Valanciunas didn’t grow during his years in NBA and remained the same height between 6’10 – 6’11”

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