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How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

Posted on | June 10, 2010 | Comments Off on How Much Height Do Shoes Add?

I remember that when people say their height with shoes they always underestimate (in my opinion) how much height do shoes add. Half an inch is their maximum number but this is obvious not true because even casual shoes have thicker soles not talking about basketball shoes which has even bigger soles. So to end the question how much height do shoes add to a person I decided to do a little test with my basketball shoes. So far I have outworn Nike Jetter Vital, average condition Nike Zoom BB, almost new custom made Nike Kobe IV and some Adidas basketball shoes which I bought really long ago but never really played a lot because they’re slightly small (Adidas has a little different shoe measures so I made a mistake buying these without properly tried them in store).


Basketball shoes

The experiment itself is quite simple, I take a ruler and mark the wall with zero line. Then I put the ruler inside the shoe and mark the wall again at end point. Now I have two points on the wall. The difference between them will be the answer how much taller do shoes make you. I used centimeters for measurement, in case you’re more familiar with inches 1 inch = 2.54 cm.

The results are:

Nike Jetter Vital adds height: 2,2 cm

Nike Zoom BB: 2,2 cm

Nike Kobe IV: 2,7 cm

Adidas shoes: 2 cm

Casual shoes: 1,8 cm

Conclusion. So you can see that height increase is of bigger margin with basketball shoes and smaller with casual shoes. On average you are about 1 inch taller with basketball shoes.  Biggest height increase is with Nike Kobe IV shoes (above 1 inch) and smallest with Adidas shoes.  However, remember that height isn’t the only important thing in basketball, 1 inch bigger wingspan will benefit you more than 1 inch in height.

Also it is true that same model but bigger basketball shoes add more height than smaller shoes. Shaq probably boosts his height about 2 or more inches with his enormous size shoes.

In case you wonder if it is possible to grow taller not using lift shoes read this.


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