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How To Heal Sprained Ankle Fast

Posted on | November 20, 2010 | 1 Comment

Somebody got into my way when rebounding a basketball and I sprained my left ankle, it was really disappointing because the moment I felt that sharp pain I realized I won’t play basketball for at least 1 week.

So I quickly limped home to apply some ice. I knew from earlier experience that you have to treat sprained ankle with RICE method (rest, ice, compress, elevate)

To minimize damage for your ankle in the first hours you must elevate it and cool with ice or slab of frozen meat like I did. Meat is really good cooling aid because it constantly releases cold and don’t get wet like ice cubes do.

Continue to ice your ankle for at least 2 days while keeping it elevated. And of course rest as much as you can. Don’t heat your ankle now because it will increase swelling.

So on the second day my ankle was swollen quite a bit in lateral side and for some reason top of the foot swollen also. Lower part of side foot was bruised and what’s strange all feet fingers were bruised also. I felt impact only on ankle so the bruises were from damaged blood-vessels inside the foot I guess.

On day 3 I started using gels that reduces inflammation, swelling and improve healing faster. Those gels contain ibuprofen, ketoprofen and some other ingredients (to name a few: Fastum gel, Deep Relief, Lioton 1000, Voltaren). Generally just go to your drug store and ask gel for sprain traumas.

On day 4 I felt that pain was lowering but swelling remained constant so I applied ace bandage over the ankle for like 1 hour. And that really helped reduce swelling. I continued to compress my ankle during day 5 and 6 and after 1 week my foot looked really normal. Now I could really tell what ligaments I sprained: anterior talofibular and calcaneofibular:


Ankle anatomy

My anterior talofibular ligament remained slightly swollen and painfull on contact but I decided to go for an easy shootaround on day 7. Applied some taping on the ankle to reduce lateral motion. It went well, I was doing easy jumpshots for 2 hours. In the end foot felt tired but after getting home I saw the foot looked normal.

My recommended treatment regimen for sprained ankle:

Day 1 – Ice, rest, elevate

Day2 – Ice, rest, elevate

Day 3 – Compress, use gel, elevate (don’t compress overnight because you can block blood supply to your feet)

Day 4 – Compress, use gel, elevate

Day 5 – Compress, use gel

Day 6 and so on – continue to use gel depending on your condition, start rehab process (walking, balancing on foot, gradually build your ankle strength to the normal level)

Food for faster healing of sprained ankle?

Like building muscles eating is very important for healing, you must supply enough high quality food for faster recovery process. I used multivitamins Optimen, omega 3 salmon oil, protein shakes from On Gold 100% and aminos Xtend. I believe that good nutrition and plenty of rest contributed the most for my quite fast ankle sprain recovery.

Below is a picture of my sprained left ankle. It looks worse than it really is. On day 8 after injury I even played in a basketball game for some defense minutes to help the team a bit. A bit risky but it felt good.


Sprained and swollen ankle. Comparison with normal right foot

sprained ankle

Left ankle. Sprained and swollen on day 7 after injury


One Response to “How To Heal Sprained Ankle Fast”

  1. ANON
    February 8th, 2011 @ 1:03 am

    ICE it
    Walk backwards
    Ice it
    Walk backwards
    Ice it
    Walk Backwards
    Ice it
    Calf raises (3 x 20)

    Do ti twice a day


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