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Shaq Vs Big Show Matchup

Posted on | September 27, 2009 | Comments Off on Shaq Vs Big Show Matchup

Shaq Vs Big Show

Shaq Vs Big Show

When 2 monsters (7′ and 7’1) collide nothing good can happen. Shaq vs Big Show match lasted only 1 minute in which Big Show at first tried to choke opponent with one hand but Shaq kicked Big Show out of the ring and left question unanswered  who is better, Shaq or the Big Show?

Big Show vs Shaq // WWE

Big Show vs Shaq // WWE

From the picture above you can at least verify that WWE lists Big Show height correctly at 7 feet even because he looks shorter than Shaq about 1 inch. Shaq is 7 feet 1 inch

The infamous video Shaq vs Big Show:

Update (10 01): I just noticed that Shaq was w/ his shoes and Big Show in a regular wrestlers shoes, so it could be maybe 0.5 inch height difference due to this but still Shaq is legitimately taller than Big Show


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