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3 Point Shooting Form (Basketball)

Posted on | February 15, 2010 | Comments Off on 3 Point Shooting Form (Basketball)


3 point contest 2010 ended with Paul Pierce being the winner. Few days before posted this image showing how basketball players release their ball while making 3 point shot.

The key to proper 3 point shooting form is the last touch of the ball. What you have to consider while making 3 pointer in basketball is:

  • Stance. You have to use your legs for powering up and don’t swing on neither side. You must land at the same spot where you took off.
  • Aiming. Try to align your shooting hand with the eye responsible for aiming. This will increase your percentage.
  • Hands. All these 4 players in the picture have a good shooting form. They’re keeping right arm straight and don’t swing elbow to the side. The last most important thing is to use only index and middle fingers at the final moment of ball leaving your hand. You can even wave a bit just like saying goodbye to the ball. This habit should improve your shooters touch and floppiness.

Check back soon to see the full guide on improving 3 point shooting.


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